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Contest for each participant begins when all data is taken.
Results are due by each individual's End Date.
Customers/Distributors Must Attend the Success Training Seminar to Win!
Must be at least 14 years old.

Take your body to the next level!

Total Body Weight % Lost - Male
Total Body Weight % Lost - Female
Best Male Before/After Muscle Definition
Best Female Before/After Body Sculpting
Best Male 40+ Before/After
Best Female 40+ Before/After
Grand Champion

Participants are automatically entered in all eligible categories.

*Payout in categories may change based on participant results.

Picture Guidelines

The way you take your before and after pictures will be dependent upon the category or categories that you plan on competing in.

  • Tape a current newspaper to date stamp your entry to the wall behind you.
  • Take a close up shot of the newspaper, and then a frontal view holding the newspaper off to the side.
  • Picture Requirements by Category
    • Percentage Weight Loss - You only need to take one frontal view picture, with clothes on. If you take a picture fully clothed, you will only be eligible for the weight loss % category.
    • ALL OTHER CATEGORIES WILL NEED 7 photos – close up of the newspaper, frontal arms at side palms up, both side profiles with torso slightly twisted to front, back arms down, and then both front and back with arms up flexed biceps.
    • Muscle Definition, Body Sculpting, Over 40, & Physique
      • Males: you must wear very short shorts, where most of your legs will be shown, and be completely shirtless.
      • Females: Same as male except you will need to wear a bikini OR a sports bra and short gym shorts (we need to be able to see most of your quads and hamstrings).
      • Judges will be instructed to judge leg transformation as much as upper body!!
      • The pictures need to show your entire body from ankle up.
      • Your ending pictures need to be the same pose as your before pictures. A newspaper is required for the ending pictures!!

Category Descriptions and Judging Guidelines

  • Male or Female Biggest Body Weight % lost category: is purely based on the starting and ending weight.
    • You only need to take one frontal view picture, with clothes on. Your picture is NOT factored into the final result.
  • Male Muscle Definition & Female Body Sculpting:
      Please pay close attention, as there has been some confusion the last few rounds. This is based on muscle definition, but remember, this is a Body Transformation contest. You are not being judged just on the end product like a Bodybuilding show.
    • You are being judged on your transformation, or how much you improved from start to finish.
    • A thin person with very low body fat % will need to show an increase in muscle mass while maintaining a low body fat %.
    • A person with moderate body fat % will need to show body fat % reduction, plus a muscle gain.
    • Your pictures will be most of the basis for picking the winners.
    • Your starting and ending body fat % reduction, weight, & measurements will also play a role.
  • Over 40 Male and Female Total Transformation
    • Your pictures will be roughly half of the determining factor, the other half will be your starting and ending weight, body fat % change, and measurements.
    • For this category we are looking at your Total Transformation, where you started and how much you improved in all areas.
    • For pictures, please follow the same guidelines as the Muscle Definition category, BUT, use your best judgement in taking your before pics. If you have a lot of weight to lose, then it’s probably best to not wear a bikini or go shirtless. A 70 year old woman may not feel comfortable taking a picture in a bikini. Please wear very tight clothes if you choose to not show skin.
  • Grand Champion: The Grand Champion is awarded to the participant that has the highest “wow” factor in their Transformation.
    • To qualify you must, for females be in a bikini, or males be shirtless and very short shorts.
    • This is also based on the best Transformation i.e. how much you improved in both body fat % reduction and muscle gain.