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Contest for each participant begins when all data is taken.
Results are due by each individual's End Date.
Customers/Distributors Must Attend the Success Training Seminar to Win!
Must be at least 14 years old.

Take your body to the next level!

Total Body Weight % Lost - Male
Total Body Weight % Lost - Female
Best Male Before/After Muscle Definition
Best Female Before/After Body Sculpting
Best Male 40+ Before/After
Best Female 40+ Before/After
Grand Champion

Participants are automatically entered in all eligible categories.

*Payout in categories may change based on participant results.


This page does not apply to coaches, only to the Body Transformation Challenge host (i.e. STS).

Pricing for the use of the Body Transformation Challenge website (www.level10btc.com is based on a month-to-month subscription. Pricing is also tiered based on usage, see table below. Subscriptions will be billed to Admin paypal account.

$99 one-time setup fee

For questions, please contact support@level10btc.com.

Participant Count Price Per Month
0-99 $30
100-299 $60
300-599 $75
600-899 $100
900-1199 $140
1200+ $200

* Subscription Pricing is subject to change based on number of participants.
* $2.00 / participant fee will be applied if not using a subscription.